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NRRA Strategic Marketing Plan

The Northern Rockies Regional Airport, and Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, is on the brink of major socio-economic growth. The LNG sector is in strong global demand, with no foreseeable end to that demand in sight. The province of British Columbia is relying heavily on the success of this resource sector to provide needed mid-long term revenue streams. While the NRRA has successfully operated, managed the past 3-4 years at annual PAX movements of 90,000 – 110,000, the next 5-10 years will demand remarkable change. Physical expansion, mainstream carriers, larger aircraft and exponential passenger growth will challenge traditional business models, processes and structures. A fully recognized, financially supported, marketing function will be necessary to successfully achieve 2028 passenger and aircraft movement goals. With a $52 million ‘Infrastructure Development Contribution Agreement’ in place, the province of BC, residents of NRRM, are depending on NRRA to leave the ‘busiest small airport in Canada’ behind, evolve into a 21st century air transport hub. The Northern Rockies Regional Airport 2018 Marketing Strategy serves as the first major step toward that end. Read full plan for all the details.